Technical Advisor – are members of the United Scorpion Karate-Do Association with unique strengths in specific areas in USKA. Technical Advisors function as students when training area that they are less qualified in and serve as Instructors in areas that they excel at. The concept of the Technical Advisor is to tap their knowledge while adding to it. Technical Advisors may have advanced or Instructor level certifications or equivalent in one doctrine skill set while working on basic or even fundamental certifications in other doctrine skill sets.
Sempai Paul Mobley is an International Technical Kickboxing Advisor for the United Scorpion Karate-Do Association who’s training came directly from the Founder of USKA, Master Issachar M James. Sempai Paul Mobley begin his training in 2011 under Master Issachar M James in Banks, Al. Sempai Paul Mobley is also a current member of the United Scorpion Karate-Do Association International Leadership Club and is recognized as a USKA Senior Leader. Sempai Paul Mobley also cross trains in Scorpion Karate-Do.