Scorpion Karate-Do classes teaches a discipline, which develops self-confidence, physical endurance, courtesy, flexibility, strength, respect and weight loss, the thrill of a very safe sport competition program concentration and self defense. Men, women, and children can take advantage of the United Scorpion Karate-Do Association. Each student, regardless of age is given personalized instruction and attention, with emphasis placed on individual ability. People from 3 to 83 have been known to benefit from Karate-Do, rather it is to be a great competitor, learn self-defense or simply for the exercise and staying in shape. All students in this program must successfully complete a three month period within each rank & six months at Red Belt with required pre-testing stripes and pass their promotional testing. USKA Belts consist of: White / White Yellow / Yellow / Green / Green Blue / Blue / Brown / Red / Black Belt and Eight Degree levels of Black Belt levels. Promotional Kyu rank testing fees and Black Belt fees are based on rank.