The Lil’ Scorpion Karate-Do Class are fun ways for your child to enjoy an rewarding opportunity to develop discipline, respect and courtesy while so learning the exciting sport of martial arts. Lil Scorpion Karate-Do belt system consist of 9 levels: White Belt, Yellow White Belt, Gold White Belt, Orange White Belt, Green White Belt, Blue White Belt, Purple White Belt, Brown White Belt and Red White Belt. All students will be given a certificate and new belt after successfully completing required amount of class days at each rank. Ceremony fee for rank advancement is $45.00. All Lil Scorpion Karate-Do students who successfully go thru each rank in program and at the age 6 will be transferred over to the kids Scorpion Karate-Do program as a White Yellow Belt. The United Scorpion Karate-Do Association has made one of the worlds most complete arts for kids to learn, master and achieve all goals set while building character. USKA strive for excellence to give kids the best opportunity possible in a safe, family caring environment. USKA Instructors Are Internationally Certified & trained to build leaders and winners. Join the elite and see the difference.