Scorpion Karate-Do that of (sound, body and mind) has evolved into not only the most effective method of unarmed self-defense, but also an intricate art, an exciting life sport, and a holistic method of reaching and maintaining physical and mental fitness.  The techniques as taught and practiced in the USKA represent the state of the art in modern unarmed martial arts. Scorpion Karate-Do is a holistic discipline. Who you are is just as important as what you can do. Your spiritual and moral development are equally important. The qualities spelled out in our Tenets are vital in their significance: Self-control, Courage, Opportunity, Respect, Perseverance, Integrity, Obviate. Scorpion Karate strive to express rhythm, balance, coordination, power, grace, speed, freedom, accuracy, perfection, and beauty, either individually, as in formal exercise, or with a partner, as in free sparring. You may wonder why three of the things we strive for is darken and underlined. That is because those are some of the most important and vital  things in this style of Martial Arts, that you will learn and  need to learn although all is important. Scorpion Karate-Do is a method of developing and maintaining physical fitness. Through flexibility, coordination, and agility. Scorpion Karate-Do is a complete body exercise program, and will tone and strengthen every muscle group and increase cardiovascular efficiency. I once heard a Master and a inventor of another style state that martial arts appears to be the perfect exercise not just for the body, but also to impart the qualities of inner strength, patriotism, sense of justice and leadership that are needed to be a leader of men. As United Scorpion Karate-Do Association students, we take great pride in conforming to school etiquette (practical application of the tenets) and in developing proficiency in physical skills. We begin to help new students coming into the school understand and practice the appropriate behavior, and eventually many of us become USKA Instructors, and one day a  school owner of  United Scorpion Karate-Do Association, so that this style of martial arts can  spread through out the world and become the most effective unarmed martial arts around. Thus, the classroom atmosphere in the USKA member school is a microcosm of an ideal society, with the higher-ranking members assisting lower-ranking members with the physical and mental skills, self-discipline, self concept, and spirit appropriate for achieving higher proficiency and rank within the United Scorpion Karate-Do Association. USKA does not include any formal philosophy or religion. The founder (my-self) believe in universal values of courtesy, integrity, respect, and the moral courage to stand up for the up most highest sense of right. The United Scorpion Karate-Do Association believe in the potential greatness that one can achieve by joining the USKA in paving an individual road in his/her lifetime. This, is an Complete Martial Art.